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    Bike Messenger Service

    Do you need an efficient and convenient option for delivering items to local businesses or nearby customers’ homes? While there are some materials that you can deliver electronically today, there are still many items you need to deliver by hand to recipients. A messenger courier service is a cost-effective option for quickly delivering documents and goods in the area surrounding your Minnesota business.

    If you need easy and efficient deliveries, a bike messenger service could be the ideal option for your company. Quick and cost-effective, a bike delivery service can easily navigate around metropolitan areas to take your products to the right destinations in a short time.

    At Street Fleet, our bike messenger services make prompt and reliable deliveries every day. The courier messenger and delivery services we offer can help you get packages, documents and other materials to your customers while saving money and time.

    Why Use a Bike Messenger Courier Service?

    For over a century, bike messenger services have been an efficient, reliable way to transport goods around the local region. Because couriers traveling by bicycle are not held up by traffic, parking limitations, fees or other obstacles that would slow down larger vehicles, they offer a more dependable delivery time. They also save on transportation expenses like fuel, so they’re more environmentally friendly and reduce overall service costs.

    Whether you need to send a product to another office or you have an important document that you need to deliver in person, a courier can safely transport your items to their destination. Bike messengers can provide a variety of services, delivering anything from a document or file to a lunch or clothing order. If you’re sending equipment or larger supplies to a customer, cargo bikes can also handle heavier loads to meet your delivery needs.

    Courier Messenger and Delivery Service

    Our Street Fleet bike couriers are professionals with the qualifications to transport various sensitive materials for our customers throughout the Twin Cities. We provide customized services to meet what you need for each delivery. With a range of vehicles and several service levels that you can choose from to get customized deliveries for your needs, you can count on us to safely take your packages to their destinations in no time.

    Whatever you’re looking for, you can select from our variety of options and choose the delivery service that fits your requirements and time frame. Our service options include the following:

    • 30-minute delivery
    • One-hour delivery
    • Three-hour delivery
    • Scheduled delivery
    • Reoccurring delivery
    • Urgent and on-demand delivery

    Using our service is as simple as contacting us for a delivery you need transported and then handing off your item to one of our professional couriers. We deliver at any time of year, regardless of the weather, so you can trust us to get your shipments where they need to go whenever you need our services.

    Trust Street Fleet for Dependable
    Bike Messenger Service

    As a full-service delivery company, Street Fleet has been handling shipping needs for two decades. Today, we continue to provide unsurpassed customer service with our innovative technologies and expert couriers. We serve enterprises throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, as well as the surrounding areas of Minnesota.


    • Experienced, reliable drivers you can trust to safely and quickly deliver your packages.
    • Real-time tracking and POD, so you know exactly where your package is at all times.
    • Competitive, cost-effective prices to help you save on transportation and labor expenses.
    • Timely delivery to ensure that your package arrives at its destination when you requested.

    Let us save you time and energy while quickly delivering products and materials to your customers. Register on our website today and see for yourself how our bike messenger service can deliver your items efficiently and reliably.