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    Medical Courier Services

    Medical delivery of samples, equipment and other supplies is an essential part of ensuring that your medical institution keeps your patients safe and operates smoothly and efficiently. From the beginning to the end of the day, personnel repeatedly need crucial supplies to be safely and quickly transported to ensure that patients get the care they need.

    You can trust us to provide you with the fast, safe and efficient medical courier services.

    You may need radioactive drugs to go from your distribution center to a hospital or clinic, supplies to arrive at a patient’s home or lab specimens to go into secure storage. Whatever the case, you need a reliable medical delivery courier to transport these sensitive materials safely. Make your delivery process easy and secure by finding medical delivery solutions to help get your supplies wherever they need to go.

    At Street Fleet, we have expert medical couriers qualified to transport a variety of medical materials in St. Paul and Minneapolis. Our medical delivery services handle the transportation work for you, so you can have peace of mind that essential materials will arrive at their destination safely and on time. 

    trust street fleet with your medical deliveries

    Historically, medical supply deliveries were performed by in-house personnel, standard courier companies and taxicabs. Regulations covering the transport of records, drugs and lab samples now preclude these standard delivery options from performing these services.


    Federal and State regulations governing the medical industry and the transportation industry are very specific. Delivering medical records, drugs or lab samples with an unqualified individual or company exposes the medical facility or supplier to significant financial losses.

    This can be in the form of fines, lost revenue from product losses, loss of accreditation and the forced termination of business.

    Medical Courier Services We Provide


    HAZMAT delivery of radioactive drugs from manufacturers and distributors to Hospitals and Clinics.


    Pickup of medical lab specimens from patient’s homes and delivery to labs.

    Pickup of medical lab specimens from correctional facilities and delivery to labs.

    Pickup of medical lab specimens from clinics for delivery to labs.


    Delivery of medical records, charts, X-rays, etc

    Home Delivery

    Delivery of chemotherapy drugs and other pharmaceuticals and supplies to patient’s homes. Our medication delivery services ensure that your patients have the supplies they need.


    Delivery of medical equipment and supplies on an emergency basis to operating rooms.


    Storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals.

    What Are Our Governing Agencies?

    To ensure that we are in full compliance with medical delivery services requirements and that we deliver our customers’ medical materials safely, we adhere to the rigorous standards of our governing agencies. As a trusted medical courier service, we are committed to carefully following all required protocols for secure deliveries.

    Our Medical Courier Training and Requirements

    Our medical supply courier services addresses all governing requirements through Street Fleet Medical Services to ensure the safe delivery of all our customers' materials. We are structured and informed to protect the Organization from any exposure to damages. Our primary means of accomplishing this is through proper hiring, training, supervision and record-keeping.

    some of our training programs include:

    Training Programs
    • HIPPA Driver Training
    • Biohazard Cleanup Procedures
    • Radiation Safety Training
    • Security Plan
    • Driver Pharmaceutical Training
    • Smoking Policy
    Ongoing Requirements Include:
    Criminal Background Checks
    • Prior employment checks
    • Drug Screening (where applicable)
    • Driving Record Checks
    • Zero tolerance policies
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    With these requirements in place, we hold our drivers to high standards of professionalism and courtesy, including those handling medical courier deliveries. We understand that delivering products means our drivers act as representatives of our customers, so we provide experienced personnel specializing in medical courier services to expertly represent your organization.

    Get Trusted Medical Delivery Solutions With Street Fleet

    Whether you need medical equipment transported or medication delivered to patients, we can help! Ensure that your institution can provide the highest level of customer service by getting reliable, timely medical deliveries in the Twin Cities with Street Fleet. For more information about how our experienced team can meet your needs for trustworthy delivery services, reach out to us and register online for our services today.