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    Street Fleet utilizes the services of Contractor Compliance Services for contracting with drivers.

    Driving for Street Fleet is fun, rewarding, and can pay for your vehicle as well as get you the freedom you desire. See why so many Twin Cities drivers prefer Street Fleet over the competition. Flexibility and compensation lead the way in this fulfilling opportunity.


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    Driver Positions

    Benefits of Being a Delivery Driver With Street Fleet

    From flexible hours and unique opportunities to making an impact in your community, there are numerous advantages to becoming a Street Fleet delivery driver.


    With Street Fleet, you have the flexibility to work hours that best fit your availability. You can work full time for eight hours a day or part-time for four hours a day. If you’re only available a couple of days a week, sign up to work as your schedule allows. No matter your availability, Street Fleet will work with you to craft a schedule that allows you to make the most of your time.


    As a member of the Street Fleet team, you have the option to use your own car or minivan to work. If you just purchased a new car, put it to work to pay itself off as a part of our delivery squad. We’ll match you with jobs that work best for the size of your vehicle. If you don’t have a car, don’t worry! Contractors can lease one of our cargo vans, dock trucks or box trucks from our fleet, or even use a bicycle.


    Delivery drivers have the freedom of being out of the office and on the road. Enjoy some time to yourself during your delivery shift without your boss overseeing your every move. We trust our contractors to complete their deliveries in a timely manner, though we do offer tracking options for our customers. As long as you make speedy deliveries, becoming a courier grants you new levels of freedom at work.


    When you work with Street Fleet, you’re joining a diverse group of talented, hardworking individuals. Street Fleet offers great compensation and support for our drivers. Bring your own vehicle or lease one of ours and start earning money right away.


    As a contractor with Street Fleet, you become an active participant in your community. Local businesses rely on our services to receive speedy deliveries on the orders they need to make their operation run smoothly. When we make a quick delivery for our clients, we strengthen their relationship with their customers and contribute to growing the local economy.

    Join the Street Fleet Squad

    If you’re interested in experiencing delivery driver benefits firsthand, check out our listing for on-demand drivers and apply now. Still undecided? You can fill out your information in our compensation calculator to see just how much you could earn as a delivery driver. Call us at 651-604-8888 to discuss how you’ll benefit from joining the Street Fleet team today!

    Car or Minivan

    Use your car or minivan to deliver – we have work available all day or as your schedule allows.

    Cargo Van

    Drive your own cargo van or lease one from us. Cargo van drivers have access to the best paying runs available.

    Dock or Box Truck

    There are many options available for dock truck drivers including recurring deliveries, distribution, and on-demand work.

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