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    At Street Fleet, we specialize in connecting skilled drivers with top-tier companies in need of temporary or fill-in drivers. Seeking reliable temporary drivers to meet your demands, we've got you covered.

    Our Services

    We understand that businesses sometimes face unexpected challenges, such as sudden spikes in workload or temporary staff shortages. That’s where Driver Temp Services comes in. Our agency provides a seamless solution by offering temporary employment services specifically tailored to the transportation industry.

    For companies

    Finding reliable temporary drivers can be a challenge, especially during peak seasons or unexpected circumstances. Driver Temp Services simplifies the process by connecting you with qualified drivers who are ready to step in and meet your needs. Whether you require short-term coverage for vacations, temporary staff shortages, or special projects, we have a pool of skilled drivers available to support your operations.

    Benefits of Choosing Our Services

    Specialized Expertise

    With years of experience in the transportation industry, we understand the unique needs and challenges of both drivers and companies.


    Whether you need temporary drivers for a day, a week, or longer, we offer flexible solutions to meet your staffing requirements.

    Dedicated Support

    Our team is committed to providing personalized support and assistance every step of the way, from matching you with the perfect driver to ensuring seamless communication and coordination.

    Extensive Network

    Our extensive network of drivers and partner companies ensures that we can quickly match the right talent with the right opportunities.


    We vet all drivers in our network to ensure they meet our stringent standards for professionalism, safety, and reliability.

    Jumpstart Your Success!

    Whether you're a driver seeking temporary opportunities or a company in need of reliable temporary drivers, Street Fleet is here to help. Join our network or contact us today to learn more about how we can support your temporary staffing needs in the transportation industry.

    what Our clients have to say

    • The process with Street Fleet is super easy and I never have any issues. It is great! I really like the online ordering as it is easy to use and I can track my shipments through the tracking feature. Their drivers are also very nice and courteous!


    • We are more than happy with Street Fleet’s services – we are very, very pleased. They are always on time! I actually just gave a referral for them to another company who needs courier services!


    • Street Fleet is fantastic and the best! I have used them for years and years. Their staff is extremely friendly and I love what they do!


    • Street Fleet is awesome! The service is great every time! I am so pleased with their services and they almost beat their delivery time frame by 50% every single time!


    • We are delighted with Street Fleet and have always been. Even when we moved our offices – we continued to use their services.


    • Street Fleet is fabulous! I like to place my orders with them via the phone because I am on location most of the time and it is so easy and the staff is so friendly. The drivers are always very nice and do a great job as well!


    • I have been using Street Fleet for 100 years (ok for a long time!) and every job change I have had since the 80s – I continue to use Street Fleet because they are the best!


    • Service is Phenomenal! I don’t have a huge need for courier services, but when I do I use Street Fleet. The Customer Service Representatives are prompt and friendly and my orders always dispatch immediately.


    • I love them, I love them, I LOVE THEM! Street Fleet has the industry locked down! I call for one hour service and they have a driver here in 10 minutes! Pricing is great and the service is fast!


    • Service is very good at Street Fleet! Their Customer Service representatives are very friendly and fast when I call my orders in and their delivery Bikers are very pleasant and super easy to work with!