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    March 24, 2021

    When a customer orders a product from your business, the relationship between you and that customer hinges on a seamless delivery. You put a lot of trust in the hands of the delivery service you hire to transport your customer’s order, so it’s important to choose the right one.

    Choosing a courier service with the right qualities will strengthen your relationship with your clientele and boost your business short- and long-term. But do you know how to choose the best courier service for your business?

    What to Look for in a Courier Service

    Before hiring a courier service, you should compare different companies for how they’ll meet your business and customers’ needs. Keep the following factors in mind.

    1. Prices

    Considering price is essential when investigating different courier services. Do they offer rates that make sense for your business? Do they offer different pricing options for customers who need same-day delivery? Look for a delivery team that gives your customers options and saves you money down the road.

    2. Availability

    Is the courier service available to pick up and deliver your package as you need on an on-demand or recurring delivery basis? Many companies will work with you for delayed delivery, but if you need something picked up as soon as possible, you want to be sure the courier is prepared to accommodate that.

    3. Convenience

    Your time is valuable. As you browse courier services, pay attention to the ones with the most intuitive websites that make it easy to set up an account and talk with customer representatives if necessary. A good delivery team will make it as natural as possible for you to start using their services.

    4. Size or Material Limitations

    Not every fleet is built the same. Can the courier service adjust for the size of your products? Your larger orders may call for a whole dock truck, but if you’re selling smaller products, it may make more sense to use a smaller vehicle to skip traffic or a lengthy delivery list. Look for a fleet that can handle a wide range of deliveries.

    Material limitations can also come into play. If you have occasional or regular shipping that requires the company to follow certain HAZMAT regulations, it’s important to make sure they have those clearances. Shipping lab specimens and other medical equipment is one example.

    5. Tracking and Proof of Delivery

    Your customers will appreciate the ability to monitor their orders, so choose a courier service with tracking capabilities. This added perk goes a long way toward strengthening the relationship between your and your customers. For added security, look for a courier that will notify you when they’ve completed your customer’s delivery.

    6. Reputation

    Do a deep dive into each courier service’s reputation with the public. Are they known for making speedy deliveries? Do they have a courteous, professional team? Hire a courier service that will best represent your company.

    7. Delivery Radius

    Does the courier service deliver to your entire customer base? Some businesses may need national or global delivery services, while other local businesses may be better off with a local courier. Look into the areas different delivery teams cover to ensure they’ll reach as many of your customers as possible.

    Street Fleet: The Best Courier Service in Minnesota

    For reliable delivery services in the Twin Cities, trust Street Fleet Courier and Logistics to deliver your customer’s order on time any day of the week. Our fleet of dock trucks, vans, cars and bikes can handle orders of any size for a speedy delivery anywhere in Minneapolis or St. Paul. Give us a call at 612-623-9999 or create an account to connect your business with Street Fleet today!

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